A review on feature selection, biomarker identification, and disease prediction

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Precision Medicine, combined with big health data, has presented an opportunity in health monitoring that lets people take more control of their health. Digital health wearables like smartwatches add a robust dimension to health monitoring. Instead of relying on a snapshot of information obtained during a doctor’s visit and scheduled check-ups, digital health wearables make it possible to monitor health continuously. With this technology, healthcare providers can have wholesome insight into health and disease progression.

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic life-threatening diseases that affect more than 422 million people worldwide. Diabetes type 2 is caused mainly by environmental factors and lifestyle choices. It is a slow-developing disease and starts developing metabolic indicators well before they ever develop into disease and is usually diagnosed by performing a fasting sugar test. The dataset used here contains reports of diabetes-related symptoms of 520 patients. It includes data about people for example their ages, sex and symptoms that may cause diabetes. …

Sylvia Burris

I am a Biotechnology researcher who integrates biotechnology, data science and machine learning skills to develop digital health wearables.

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